Where is menu button on mediacom remote

Sat, May 23, PM. Neither the "Guide" or "Info" buttons on the TV remote work. Absolutely nothing happens if you press them. No information about the program is presented, and no information about schedules on the channel and nearby channels is presented, either.

Nvidia Shield TV Remote missing MENU button! Can't use this for Kodi :(

The remote works; the batteries were the first thing I checked. Accepted Solution. Official Solution. Make sure the ATT button top left has been pushed for Uverse control. I don't have any information on most of the channels on my guide either. Didn't have it last night on recorded shows.

Mediacom DVR Quick Manual

TV Forum. U-verse TV. Watching U-verse TV. Guide button on TV remote w This happened very suddenly earlier this afternoon. Any suggestions? Like Comment Follow Share. Responses Accepted Solution.

where is menu button on mediacom remote

Like Reply. Where's this magic Uverse button? On my DVR? Try rebooting your DVR. Hold the oval button in for 5 secs. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 please disable Compatibility View in order to continue using all community features. Learn more If you are using Internet Explorer 10 or prior please update your browser to a newer version in order to continue using all community features.Remote control buttons have a conductive thin layer beneath.

As time goes by this layer may get damaged because of friction and loose conductivity. As a result, although the batteries are full and you apply great pressures on the button they do not function.

Annoying, isn't it? Most of the people prefer to buy a new replica device as they are much more cheaper than the original ones. But there is very easy way to save your non-working original remote control. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Most of the remote controls have a screw inside the battery cover.

Unscrew it and then separate the two halves of the control the top and bottom plastic parts gently. Be careful not to crack any plastic parts. After cleaning both the circuit board and rubber buttons you should check if the buttons are working before proceeding.

The reason is; cleaning the circuit board and rubber buttons most of the time solve the issue.

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If it's working. Especially for the ones used in dining room. First cut very little pieces of aluminium foil that will exactly fit the size of the rubber button's conductive area.

This foil is going to act as a conductor and when you press the button it will close the circuit. When you're ready, drop a tiny amount of glue on the back of the rubber buttons that are not working and place the aluminium foils that you have prepared. Gently apply pressure on the foil with the tweezers but avoid sliping or damaging the foil. If you do follow the instructions and no other problem exists, you have a perfect working remote control again. The foil repair is definitely the way to go.

I've tried conductive paints sold for remote repair and they just peel off the button pad almost immediately. What worked for me with foil was Gorilla Super Glue Gel. Put a small blob on a piece of cardboard and use a fine brush to apply a thin coat onto the button pad.

Scrub it a bit to work it into the pad. Let that dry for a few seconds. Then brush a thin coat onto the foil piece and immediately apply it to the pad.Kodi 16 supports long press on select button for context menu support.

Wait for stable I got this on Black Friday mainly because of the remote deal, this remote is such a disappointment.

where is menu button on mediacom remote

Syncs up through Bluetooth perfectly. One additional button added from Nvidia wouldn't have been a crime. I love everything about the remote apart from the lack of menu button. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

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where is menu button on mediacom remote

Lumute Dec Suggested Apps. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Thanks Meter : I'm probably going to return it now. The hardware is great but the remote ruins the experience. Join Date: Joined: Oct Senior Member.

Join Date: Joined: Mar Remote is garbage, agreed.Page of 13 Go. All Rights Reserved. Mediacom Communications assumes no liability nor responsibility for the use. Table of Contents. Mediacom Communications assumes no liability nor responsibility for the use of any content, materials, or techniques included in this guide.

Page 2: Table Of Contents Page 3: Introduction TV. As Mediacom's Digital On Screen Program Guide from TV Guide is you navigate listings using your remote, the highlight appears on-screen to indicate your improved to give you greater choice, convenience and control as current selection. Parental Locks let you restrict viewing and purchases of TV Order an On Demand program programming based on your and you can watch it at your con- preferences.

On Demand programs may not be recorded with DVR if available. See Configuration — Requires digital set top with record capability. Remote control functions and menu selections vary by area.

Programming your Remote Control

To alter your screen position. While recording two programs, you can watch and From the Main Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments: Where can I get this manual printed out? I cannot read it on the screen.The talking guide for Xfinity X1 is a Voice Guidance feature that allows customers with visual disabilities the freedom to independently explore thousands of TV shows and movies.

It "speaks" what's on the screen and includes details such as program descriptions to help you decide what to watch.

Instructions for a Mediacom Cable Remote

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

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Search instead for. Did you mean:. Sign In. As you browse the guide on your TV, the information for each program will note whether video description is available, indicated by the video description logo: If enabled, voice guidance will announce the availability of video description as you explore the program's information in the guide. It is a slightly indented rectangle. If video description is available on the program you're watching, it will begin playing immediately.

If you hear another language or no audio at all, press and hold the voice control button and say "video description" again to turn video description off. You'll hear "Voice Guidance Speech Rate" followed by which rate is currently selected. Now, as you explore X1's on-screen menus and options, Voice Guidance will use the new speech rate you have chosen. To change the speech rate, repeat the steps above. By default, the shortcut is set to Voice Guidance.

The transport bar will pop up on the lower third of the screen. If the program has a video description track, you will now hear video description. You also may not hear video description during scenes primarily featuring dialogue, since there may not be much on-screen action to describe. Version history. Revision :. Last update:.

Updated by:. View article history.In other words, I use two or three buttons. It feels like pretty much everyone uses just a few buttons on their remote controls, no matter how they view video content. And yet, look at your typical remote control.

I mean, just look at it:. What the hell are all these buttons for? But I wonder how often the majority of them are used. The obvious answer is that each television manufacturer actually decided not to design their remote controls. Instead they just threw up every single button that could possibly be wanted by the smallest subset of users.

And this is the result: button vomit. The remotes that come with televisions are bad, but the ones that come with cable boxes are actually worse because they almost always have a shittier build quality. But if it is indeed still a box that plugs into an existing television, all of us will still have to deal with the old-school remotes. In a way, television remote controls look similar to how phones used to look both landline and cellular.

Sign in. Siegler Follow. Siegler of around words. A man of few words. Except when writing. A collection of posts by M. See responses 2. More From Medium. More from ish. Siegler in ish. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Become a member. About Help Legal.Mediacom Communications provides phone, Internet and cable TV services.

In addition to a cable box, Mediacom cable TV customers are supplied with a universal remote control. A universal remote control may be programmed to operate several different devices. The remote supplied by Mediacom comes preprogrammed to operate the Mediacom cable box.

To use the remote to operate additional devices, such as a TV or DVD player, the remote must be programmed.

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There are several models of Mediacom remotes. Press and hold the mode key that corresponds to the type of device you want to program the remote to control. The LED light for the selected mode key will remain lit.

Push the "Power" button. The LED light for the selected mode key will flash three times and then turn off. Aim the remote at the device it's being programmed to control.

Then slowly and continuously press the "Channel Up" button until the device shuts off. This means the remote is temporarily programmed with the proper code to control the device. Press the mode key that corresponds to the type of device you want to program the remote to control. Press and hold the "Setup" key until the selected mode key blinks twice. Enter "" on the remote's number pad. The selected mode key will blink twice.

Instructions for a Mediacom Cable Remote. By : Maya Austen. Share Share on Facebook. Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox. Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe.

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